About Me

Hello & Welcome!

I’m Denisa, empath by nature, marketer by default.

I’ve been living the wild and wacky world of marketing for over 15 years now. I’ve dabbled in all sorts of marketing magic, from B2B to B2C, and I’ve danced my way through various industries like enterprise software, mobile apps, media, retail, pharma, ecommerce, and even the delightful world of hospitality. I’ve seen it all, from startup shenanigans to the high-stakes dramas of corporate life.

This journey has equipped me with a keen ability to grasp the big challenges and seamlessly transform them into solid, well-thought-out strategic plans. I then distill them into clear and actionable marketing goals, both for the long term and short term. It’s all about turning complexity into simplicity, and I’m here to help you do just that: deliver omnichannel marketing campaigns in a human-centric and fun way.

I can be your marketing consultant with a unique heart-driven approach, or your marketing strategy pixie turning big insights into marketing campaigns that people will remember or maybe you need an unconventional marketing idea for your next product launch, a viral campaign for your big VIP event or we can even sprinkle some experiential marketing magic dust in there for your next pop up shop. Or, maybe you just want to pick my brain – sure, we can do that too!

People usually like the qualitative and quantitative thinking and context I provide, my constant and clear communication, and my ideas.

Denisa Irimia

I have been told I:

"My values in my personal life are the same ones I follow in my professional life"


Love for people, for goodness, for beauty, for things and projects that have an impact on our surroundings and can make a positive change, no matter how small.


Changing perspectives and how things are viewed, embracing different and bold ideas are part of my life philosophy.


Honesty is essential for establishing healthy work and personal relationships.


Whether it’s about setting fees or in my personal life.


  • practical pitch
  • data-driven precision
  • value-based focus
  • bottom-line accountability
  • audience insights


  • narrative masterpieces
  • aesthetic allure
  • luxury and lifestyle
  • social engagement
  • open-minded exploration
About me - also human

I’m also human.

That means in addition to not being perfect, I also have a life! In my free time, you can find me spending time on:

  • Art & Culture – I love to be inspired by art.
  • Literature – I enjoy reading books about business or life.
  • Photography – I click my camera for portraits and street photography.

I’ve lived and worked in the Romania, and am presently living in Strasbourg, France. I am honored that you took the time to read this.

Thanks for stopping by!